Why choose aluminum channels for your home?

The gutters are conduits that allow the collection of rainwater that falls on the roofs. The main objective of gutters is to prevent water from falling directly down the facades of buildings, preventing them from deteriorating more easily and water from penetrating through the windows.

Currently, one of the most used are aluminum gutters. They are used both in private homes and in housing communities, warehouses and, in general, in all kinds of constructions.

There are different types of gutters, which differ by the type of material with which they are made. The most used materials are aluminum, metal, PVC, copper, zinc and in some very specific cases ceramic gutters can also be used.

At Canalgar, as professional gutter and downspout installers, we always recommend the installation of aluminum gutters. Next, we explain the 5 reasons why you should install this type of aluminum gutters in your home.

5 reasons to choose aluminum gutters and accessories

Aluminum gutters and accessories are the best option for your home. If you want to prevent rainwater from falling directly on the facade of your house, here are some reasons why you should choose aluminum gutters.

  1. Faced with extreme weather events, aluminum gutters are stronger and more resistant. Neither rain, snow or hail can damage these types of materials, they also resist extreme temperatures.
  2. They are more durable over time, thanks to the high resistance of the aluminum gutters and accessories.
  3. Aluminum is one of the materials that best adapts to the aesthetics of different buildings, since you can choose the color of the gutter.
  4. Aluminum gutters and accessories are very good value for money, since they do not require continuous maintenance.
  5. In general, these types of aluminum gutters are made without joints. It is very important to highlight this aspect, as it makes the gutters more stable and consequently does not have to be changed every time there is a storm.

At Canalgar we have expert gutter manufacturers and installers who can help you both in choosing the best gutter for your home and in its installation. We study the characteristics of your home and offer you the best solutions.

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