Aluminum gutters: a durable and resistant option

There are different types of gutters, each of them made with very different materials. However, as professionals in the sector, when a client asks us to install gutters in their home, we always recommend installing aluminum gutters, since they are the most resistant and durable on the market.

In addition to its durability, aluminum gutters allow you to maintain the aesthetics of the home or building where they are installed, since they can be molded and lacquered in any colour.

Currently, aluminum gutters are the best on the market. In most cases, the components with which these gutters are made come from 100% recycled materials, as required by current European Union regulations.

What types of gutters and accessories are there?

We mistakenly tend to think that all gutters that collect rain are the same. Logically, all of them have the same function, however each of them is made of a different material. Next, we will tell you what the materials of the gutters are and what types of gutters and accessories exist:

Aluminum gutters

At Canalgar, we bet on aluminum gutters, since they are the most resistant and durable on the market, they are also made of 100% recycled material and are the ones that offer the best results.

Zinc gutters

Zinc gutters tend to be more flexible and resistant to corrosion, and it is a recyclable material. However, these gutters are manufactured in several pieces that must later be joined by welding and this can eventually cause breakage.

PVC gutters

PVC gutters are cheaper, but also more brittle in extreme temperatures. Being made of PVC (a petroleum derivative) its use is not very sustainable.

Copper gutter

Copper gutters have greater rigidity if we compare them with other materials. It is also resistant to sudden changes in temperature. One of the disadvantages of this type of material is the high price of copper.

At Canalgar we bet on aluminum gutters as it is one of the best materials for the manufacture and installation of gutters. Request your budget!